Open Journal of Plant Science Submit Manuscript

    Aims and Scope

    Through Open Journal of Plant Science, Peertechz has a purpose to cover various aspects of plant science that are prominent for plant production and management. We want the authors to research and send us manuscripts relating to several crucial issues of plant sciences such as

    • How plants react to an ever-changing climate?
    • How can we design effective conservation strategies to preserve biodiversity?
    • How can we keep feeding the growing population with quality food, while the resources to do so are scarcer than ever?

    With this ethical aim, Peertechz's Open Journal of Plant Science not only publishes manuscripts on aspects of plant science relevant to continental climate agriculture but also publishes research works that are not directly applicable to the environmental regions of agriculture such as crop knowledge advancement, horticulture and weed sciences.

    Open Journal of Plant Science works with the aim is to encourage scientists and research groups to publish theoretical and experimental results of research in all fundamental and applied fields of plant science.

    Disciplines in Open Journal of Plant Science

    Peertechz's Open Journal of Plant Sciences is composed of diversified areas of research. Authors are suggested to choose their area of interest in the respective disciplines, research and send their distinguished manuscripts to us for publication.

    Authors can choose one or more research topics from the following, but not limited to, fundamental sections in plant sciences:

    • Plant cytology and histology
    • Plant anatomy and morphology
    • Plant physiology and ecophysiology
    • Ecology and biogeography of plants
    • Phytosociology
    • Plant diversity and conservation biology
    • Plant phylogeny
    • Paleobotany
    • Plant genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry
    • Phytopathology
    • Molecular cell biology
    • Biotic interactions and symbiosis
    • Water relations and gas exchange
    • Population genetics and ecology

    Authors can also choose one or more research topics from the following, but not limited to, cross disciplinary sections in plant sciences:

    1. Symbiosis especially,
      1. Mycorrhizae
      2. Rhizobia
    2. Phytomedicine
    3. Stress physiology
    4. Cell signaling and gene regulation
    5. Genome studies and molecular genetics
    6. Horticulture
      1. Fruit
      2. Vegetable
      3. Ornamental
      4. Greenhouse, and
      5. Alternative crops
    7. Pest management
    8. Entomology
    9. Plant pathology, and
    10. Weed science
    11. Agronomy
      1. Grain
      2. Forage
      3. Industrial, and
      4. Alternative crops
    12. Soil management
    13. Plant breeding
    14. Meteorology
    15. Post-harvest biology
    16. Plant production systems